Campo di Bella is a small, diversified, family farm located in south central Wisconsin dedicated to providing local, naturally produced food through community supported agriculture (CSA). We offer certified organic summer vegetable shares, pasture-raised grass-fed lamb and heritage pork. You are welcome to register with our CSA to receive email announcements regarding availability of vegetables, lamb, pork, farm-to-table dinners and other events.

We provide many heritage and heirloom varieties of produce and meat with an epicurean and seasonal focus. Our produce shares offer many staples with emphasis on healthy greens and a variety of herbs. Our Black Mulefoot hogs are pastured in the woods and have a darker more flavorful meat than commercial varieties. Olde English Southdown "Babydoll" grass-fed pasture-raised lambs are available for breeding stock and meat.

Our small family farm model allows us to give our members greater personal attention and a chance to truly "know your farmer". Members get to participate in educational events such as "Movies in the Barn" and our Fall harvest party and bonfire. Farm-to-Table dinners are also offered several times throughout the year. You will enjoy vegetables and meat from our farm during a multi-course home cooked meal. Enjoy our home grown recipes that will accompany our weekly newsletter. Sit down at the table with your family for a wonderful locally grown meal and reawaken a more traditional and simple way of life.

We will offer heirloom fruit shares once our orchard matures within the next few years. To honor our Italian heritage and family, we also hope to expand our farm to a sustainable winery. Nearly an acre of cold-hardy grapes have been planted in Spring 2010.

We are honored to be part of both the FRESH Food Connection and Fair Share CSA Coalition. Our membership in these organizations allows our CSA customers to obtain health care rebates from many of the local health insurance providers. Check with your health plan to see if they offer rebates for being part of our CSA. Click on the links on the bottom of our page to to visit Fair Share or FRESH.

Please join us and help support fresh and sustainable food in south central Wisconsin and in living more simply but abundantly from locally produced food. You may register with our farm and receive instructions on how to purchase shares or other items by clicking on the following link - Register